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Replacement Standard Lenovo Desktop Setup

Step 1: Unpacking Equipment

  • Open and verify you have received everything and there is no damage

Your Kit Includes:

  1. Desktop and Power Adapter/Cord
  2. Keyboard and Mouse

If there is damage or missing items, please call your local IT Service Desk number.

Step 2: Setup the Desktop

  • Set the desktop on a flat surface
  • Plug the power cord into the desktop
  • Plug the other end of the power cord into a power outlet
  • Connect the monitor
  • Connect the keyboard and mouse
  • Connect the network cable to the desktop
  • Power on the desktop

Step 3: Connect to Network and Log Into the PC

  • Connect to the network
    • Once your computer boots up, connect to the network by following the steps provided in the video.
  • Sign Into the computer
    • Once you have ensured you have network connectivity, enter your NW User ID and password (check with your manager for this info)

It may take up to 10 minutes to sign in fully the first time

Step 4: Launch VPN (Skip if using wired connection in an office)

  • Launch and sign in to the Pulse Secure VPN client

Step 5: Outlook Email and Other Configuration Steps

  • Open Outlook Application on your computer
  • Input your Nationwide email address
  • Open a web browser and navigate to: Fancy.nwie.net/MyPC
  • Select New PC Setup Assistance for additional steps on configuration of your new machine

Make sure to reboot your computer after all settings changes and application installs.

Step 6: Additional Monitor Setup (Optional)

  • If new, connect the monitor to its base according to its install intructions
  • Connect the display cable from the monitor to the dock or directly to the computer
  • Connect the power cord to the monitor and plug it into your electrical outlet
  • Power on the monitor
  • Go to "Display Settings" in Windows and configure as shown in the video

Step 7: Return Your Unused Equipment

  • Gather all equipment to be returned
  • Ensure power adapters are included
  • Wrap desktop in packing that came with the replacement machine
  • Pack any returning keyboard, mouse or other equipment
  • Close and tape box shut
  • Place return shipping label provided over the original shipping label and follow instructions in the kit to have FedEx pickup the package