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MacBook Workstation Setup

Step 1: Unpacking Equipment

  • Open and verify you have received everything and there is no damage

Your Kit Includes:

  1. MacBook and Power Adapter/Cord
  2. Documentation

If there is damage or missing items, please call your local IT Service Desk number.

Step 2: MacBook Setup

  • Enter requested information for the Mac setup
    • Enter country/region
    • Select any accessibility options if neccessary
    • Select WiFi and input password to WiFi if neccessary
    • Click to allow the organization to configure the MacBook
    • Sign in to the company portal with your credentials
    • Create a computer account (password is temporary)
    • Enter your time zone
  • Allow MacBook to enroll and provision
  • Log into your profile
    • Select "Enable" at the FileVault pop up
  • Register the MacBook
    • Select Self-Service button found at the bottom of the screen
    • Search for "Intune"
    • Select "Register" under Intune Conditional Access Registration
    • Sign into the company Portal
    • Select "Continue" when prompted and "Done" once complete
  • Complete registration

    • A pop up with come up in the top right of the screen.  Press "Complete" and then login using your company credentials

    • Select "Always Allow"
  • Complete Zscaler setup
    • Return to Self-Service App
    • Search for zscaler
    • Select "Connect"
    • Enter your work email and select "Login"
    • When prompted to allow Zscaler to use your current location, select either option to finish your MacBook setup